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Edfan Floor

MicroCement is a cement and quartz based lining with thin colour (1 - 2 mm.). It has a soft, smoooth finish, making it deal for modern and minimalist spaces. It is applicable on all types of hard surfaces. It can be applied on floor, wall, stairs, furniture and other both indoor and outdoor. You don't need joints or gaskets therefore, one can achieve continuous surfaces and it is combinable with other materials such as wood ceramic and etc.

Renovate your home or workspace without much work. One of the greatest advantages of MicroCement is that can be applied over existing linings such as ceramics, mosaics, marble and tiles. It allows you to renovate space without suffering from disorder, dirt or the cost of traditional construction work. A modern alternative, tasteful with rapid implementation and easy maintenance damp cloth and wax.

Applications :

  • On existing tiles and old smooth cement (without the need to break)
  • Bathroom and Kitchen countertop
  • Existing floor where the carpet has been removed
  • Plastered wall and ceiling
  • Stairs
  • Bathtubs

Advantages & Possibilities :

  • Can be applied over other lining such as ceramic, porcelain marble, mosaics, tiles, concrete mortar and plaster.
  • Replaces smoooth concrete floor because of slight thickness and better finish.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is suitable for high traffic location.
  • It is highly resistant to UV Rays.
  • Allows for renovation without getting into heavy construction work
  • Lines bathrooms, kitchens, stairwells, furniture, facades, walls and any room in the house
  • You can give continuity to environment both on floor and wall (gasket not required).
  • Allows for custom design eg. corporate logos
  • It is possible to renew insight concrete dams.
  • Quick application and release to traffic
  • Allows for hotel or apartment renovation without going into heavy construction work
  • Due to its low maintenance, it replaces tradional wood floors.

Cleaning & Maintenance :

  • Clean with mild soap and mob
  • To clean specific stains, do not use abrasive material
  • Thoroughly clean before sealing or waxing
  • Applying wax periodically (measure depending on use)
  • Apply EDFAN wax maintainer weekly
  • Use rubber protection for furniture and chairs
  • Do not drag furniture and chairs without protection
  • Do not leave standing water on the surface
  • For outdooor, apply sealant periodically depending on usage
  • Remove wax and apply new wax (annually according to the aspect)
  • Clean up spills before they dry
  • Do not apply wax on bathroom or outdoor floor
  • Use placemat at exterior entrances
  • For countertop and furniture, use silicone maintainers
Edfan Floor Colour Chart


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